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Cheshire Security Guards. Here at Spartan 24 Hour Security, we offer manned guarding as one of our services. Manned guarding duty involves all of the following:

  • Watching over premises against unauthorised entry or moving in against any form of outbreak of disorganisation or against any spoilage.

  • Defending property against demolition or any spoilage, prevent from being stolen or from also being deceitfully grabbed or acquired.

  • Watching over a single person or several individuals from attacks or against harm that might be experienced in the result from unlawful behaviours of other people.

The above points involve offering a physical presence, or in addition conducting any kind of patrol or surveillance, so as to discourage an unwanted situation from occurring or to give more information, that is if it occurs, in regards to what has transpired.

Some of the mentions to defending the premises from unauthorised entry include being fully or to some extent accountable for deciding the worthiness for access to the premises of individuals applying for entry. Besides, this is an exception of security guards that are permitted entry to all areas to the level of only protecting or inspecting, that the people granted admission have actually paid for entry or they have invitations or other passes permitting access into the premise.

The Exemptions are as follows:

The above manned guarding duties are not subject to the duties of an individual who, consequential to the conducting of any kind of duties connected to a group of people which are both not manned guarding roles and inspecting the individuals permitted admission have actually paid, keeps good order or discipline amidst those people. One such example is that of a school teacher going with children on a trip.

Furthermore, the manned guarding roles which need a license are not subject to the duties of an individual who, consequential to the conducting of duties which are really not fully or majorly the duties of a security nature, answers to an abrupt or a surprising event.

In England and Wales, exemption from licensing only is subject to in-house staff when conducting roles in regards with their employers' utilisation of an accredited sports ground or an accredited sports stand for the aim for which its safety certificate has impact. The staff of a visiting group to similar premises are also relieved given that the visiting group has an accredited sports ground or stand too. .

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