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Security Guards Warrington. Spartan 24 Hour Security specialise in the provision of supply security guards. If you are looking for a security guard to man your Warrington office or building out of hours, or throughout the day, we can help you. We stringently vet all of our personnel and match them to your requirements, to ensure the best working relationship. We details are your requirements, and carefully manage every aspect of your security detail.

We supply SIA Security Guards, to protect your staff and premises

All of our security guards are:

  • Uniformed Guards
  • Supervised Security Services
  • Vetted Security
  • Available on short and long term contract
Also our Security Guards :

  • Short notice is not a problem
  • Time and Patrol recording monitoring systems installed as standard
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Risk Free Contracts Available
The security services that we supply are completely made to your requirement, let us know what you require and we will supply it. We are also able to supply bilingual security guards, first aiders and security guards that are trained to act as fire marshals for your building/site.

Spartan 24 Hour Security guards are supervised by a network of supervisors who are on call 24hrs a day.

You can rest assured that every member of your security team has undergone a thorough vetting process. We insist on a long checkable work history with both work and character references. This is in addition to all guards being CRB checked and SIA licensed. A report is drawn up and checked again by senior management who advise on suitability.

Our Security personnel are trained to protect people, property and premises, we take all reasonable steps to ensure this role is carried out professionally.

We are a labour intensive industry and we recognise the importance of valuing our security team. We appreciate the importance and the stress of being "on guard" for long periods of time, and know overworked, underpaid, undervalued, overtired, and unmotivated staff simply cannot perform effectively. Our Warrington Security Guards are part of employer contributed pension scheme, health plan, a minimum of 24 days holiday and rarely work more than 48hrs per week. These are just some of the benefits our guards receive as standard.

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