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Making sure your Nightclub is safe

Posted by Howard Trott on Friday, July 26, 2019 Under: Nightclub Security
The festive season is just around the corner and this is the time when nightclubs will be getting all ready and decked up for increased footfall and a rise in merrymakers all of who will be looking to have a grand time. However, this is also the time when all that cheering and merrymaking can go a bit out of control; leading to unpleasant situations and experiences.

While nightclubs do everything they can to ensure a good time for customers, they should also pay attention to the safety of their guests. Accidents can happen with so many people out to have fun and nightclubs should be prepared and have all their mandatory signs and fire exit signs at proper places.

Ensuring the Safety and Security of your Guests

As a nightclub owner, it is your responsibility and legal liability to ensure that the safety of your guests is not compromised in any way while they are on your premises. There are several ways of doing so, including installing adequate number of fire exit signs and other safety signs at the right places.

Training your Staff

Your staff is the first line of contact with your guests and in many cases they can prevent an ugly situation from escalating further if they have the right knowledge and training. Staff training plays a very vital role in professional management of nightclubs and your staff should be aware of all the rules and regulations and how to deal with unruly customers. They should also know how to operate CCTVs, how to interpret signage and the basic layout of the premises thoroughly in case of emergency situations.

Installing CCTV

CCTV is another vital tool that can make your nightclub a safer place even during rush hours or festive times. Such TVs should be installed at strategic locations both inside and outside and the cameras should cover all accessible and public areas. There should also be signage indicating the presence of CCTVs to act as a warning to the public. Staff should know how to operate and maintain such gadgets and all footage should be stored for the minimum number of days as stipulated by your local authorities.

Having Adequate Number of Door Staff and Stewards

There should be enough stewards and door staff to manage unruly crowd and prevent the entry of unauthorized people. Door staff should always be in uniform so as to make them easily identifiable. Always hired trained and experienced door staff who know how to do their job with utmost professionalism.

Having Door Supervisors on the Premises

Often, having door supervisors is indispensable to managing intoxicated guests. People are not always at their best when they are having a gala time and trained doorstaff ensure that no untoward incident can mar the reputation of your nightclub. You must have both male and female door supervisors and the best door supervisors will be able to manage the crowd effectively without using force.

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