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Posted by Mike Davis on Thursday, November 10, 2022 Under: Rainhill Security Guards
At Spartan 24 Hour Security Services we pride ourselves on providing the most amazing security options in the North West and beyond. When it comes to Rainhill security guards, we have a large variety of staff who will be able to watch over you and your premises, protecting you at all times. Our trained staff are available everywhere in the North West and are willing to travel to make sure that you are being kept safe wherever you go in the country.

Our security services are available across North West England, covering Rainhill, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, and more. When you decide to use our security services, we always make sure that the security guards who come out to see you are fully briefed in everything they need to do and know all the places around your location in depth. Your safety is incredibly important to us and therefore the security guards in Rainhill provide you with the assurance at all times that you are under full protection.


Don’t settle for less than our vetted, SIA-certified and fully insured security guards. When you’re trusting a security guard with the safety of your staff, your property, and your goods, you need to make sure they’re the best of the best. We’re confident that you won’t find more professional, dedicated, and friendly security guards in Rainhill. We always provide all the information you need before you make the decision to arrange for one of our guards.

Our vetting process for all security staff goes far beyond legal requirements. If we don’t fully trust them, we don’t hire them! We offer additional training to meet your requirements, whether you need a security guard who can search vehicles, guard premises, or be constantly vigilant around you.

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