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Posted by Spartan Door Supervisors on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 Under: Retail Shop Security
Retail Shop Security Warrington. The retail market is highly under threat by shoplifters and thieves. Within the retail sector, each year there are millions of pounds worth of products that are stolen and never found. It’s not just small priced items that go missing; higher value products are included in this as well. This is why retailers should really consider retail security. The estimate figures for the products stolen in 2012-2013 were £2,206 M which is up 2% since 2011-2012. Due to the rising figures, security in retail has become a necessity which needs to be implemented correctly. Having Warrington retail security placed in your shop will significantly reduce these incidents from happening. To enquire about our retail security services, call 07874014305.

The Risks Taken from Not Having Retail Security

There are many ways that retail security can help towards the detection and prevention of criminals in order to stop them stealing from your shop. Here are a few methods that we would advise you to take when implementing security:

CCTV Installation

As it would be inefficient to have numerous security guards walking around the shop, CCTV installation is a friendly alternative solution. CCTV can guard all departments while being monitored by one member of staff at the front of the shop. This has a huge advantage due to being situated at the entrance of the shop. Criminals can also be highlighted and pursued for further questioning.

Manned Guarding

Having a Guard that is situated at the front of the shop will help prevent criminals from leaving. This will then allow security officials to question individuals about suspicious behaviour.

Your maintenance team

The maintenance team can help with the maintenance of the shop and its safety. They can seek out potential dangers to either customers or staff within or around the shop. The duty manager can also lock up and unlock the shop during specific times of the day.

Within the retail segment there are many ways that criminals can cause disturbances and theft. Here is a list of potential actions that offenders may carry out:


All criminals will try to find different ways to steal goods from targeted shops.

Suspicious customers

Criminals will conduct a range of activities to get the good that they desire. They will first scope out the landscape for potential threats. They will then create substantial plans to be able to successfully shoplift without being detected. Being able to spot suspicious behaviour will help improve the chances of catching criminals.

Label cutting

Some criminals will bring tools to help them steal items easier and more efficiently by cutting the labels off items such as clothing.

Special equipment

There are a minority of criminals that will craft special bags to avoid being detected by the alarms at the entrance.


Criminals will also try to steal items then fraudulently swap or exchange them. They will do this to make money or have an item free of charge.
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