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Security Guard options for your business

Posted by Jane Wilson on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 Under: Security Guards
Having a security guard service will provide you with increased protection from crime and peace of mind that your business and premises are safe. Security guard services are available for businesses of all sizes and all sectors.

Security Guards

UK-wide and London security guards are available for all sectors, including specialist areas such as:

  • Retail outlets 
  • Construction sites 
  • Office 
  • On trains 
  • Warehouses 
  • Hospitals 
  • Hotels 
  • Shopping centres 
  • Building sites 
  • And more

Mobile patrol services

If you feel you don't need or can't afford a full-time security guard for your business site, you could consider a mobile patrol service instead.

Using a mobile patrol service can save you a significant amount of money, whilst still delivering protection. For example, mobile London security guards patrol services cost around one third less than an on-site security guard.

The number of mobile patrols for your premises will depend on your requirements and budget.

Guard dogs

In some circumstances, the only real security option is to use a guard dog unit. This means using a specially trained guard dog with their trained handler.

A guard dog can identify a sound's location much faster than a human can, as well as hear sounds up to four times the distance that humans are able to. Additionally, a guard dog's sense of smell is about 50 to 100 times more powerful than a human's.

Guard dogs provide the best deterrent against criminals. Often even a sign displaying the fact you have canine security or the sound of barking will put off a would-be intruder.

Areas you might consider choosing a guard dog and handler include:

  • Vast areas that need patrolling 
  • Areas with restricted view to certain parts 
  • Areas too dangerous for lone security guards

A guard dog/handler team will be able to hold a criminal safely until the police arrive.

Night security services

It's possible that you may only need security services on a weekend or evening and this is also something that can easily be arranged.

The Benefits of hiring security for your business

  • Hiring a security guard service can save your business a lot of money in the long run. You will save on repairing damage costs and replacing lost or damaged stock. It could also help keep your insurance premiums lower. 
  • If customers feel safe and secure at your business, they are likely to visit again. 
  • Staff will appreciate feeling safe at work and when they are arriving and leaving. 
  • Having a security service in place will give you peace of mind, even when you can't physically be at your place of business yourself. 
  • The range of security services available means that there's something available to suit every business and budget.

Having security guards can bring many business benefits and there are numerous services to choose from, meaning your business will be safe and protected.

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