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Security Guards Chester.

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SIA Badged Security Guards Chester

Chester Security Guards. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide professional Security Guards in the Chester area that are fully insured and vetted. 

Including : Agden, Aldersey, Aldford, Ashton Hayes, Bache, Backford, Barrow, Barton, Beeston, Bickley, Bradley, Bridge Trafford, Broxton, Bruen Stapleford, Buerton, Burton, Burwardsley, Caldecott, Capenhurst, Carden, Caughall, Chester Castle, Chidlow, Chorlton, Chorlton by Backford, Chowley, Christleton, Church Shocklach, Churton by Aldford, Churton by Farndon, Churton Heath, Claverton, Clotton Hoofield, Clutton, Coddington, Cotton Abbotts, Cotton Edmunds, Crewe by Farndon, Croughton, Cuddington, Dodleston, Duckington, Duddon, Dunham on the Hill, Eaton, Eccleston, Edge, Edgerley, Elton, Farndon, Foulk Stapleford, Golborne Bellow, Golborne David, Grafton, Great Boughton, Guilden Sutton, Hampton, Handley, Hapsford, Harthill, Hatton, Hockenhull, Hoole Village, Horton by Malpas, Horton cum Peel, Huntington, Huxley, Iddinshall, Kelsall, Kings Marsh, Larkton, Lea Newbold, Lea by Backford, Ledsham, Little Stanney, Littleton, Lower Kinnerton, Macefen, Malpas, Marlston cum Lache, Mickle Trafford, Mollington, Moston, Mouldsworth, Newton by Malpas, Newton by Tattenhall, Oldcastle, Overton, Picton, Poulton, Prior's Heys, Puddington, Pulford, Rowton, Saighton, Saughall, Shocklach Oviatt, Shotwick, Shotwick Park, Stockton, Stoke, Stretton, Tarvin, Tattenhall, Thornton le Moors, Threapwood, Tilston, Tilstone Fearnall, Tiverton, Tushingham cum Grindley, Upton by Chester, Waverton, Wervin, Wigland, Willington, Wimbolds Trafford, Woodbank, Wychough.

Chester Security Guards are hand picked and have a vast amount of security experience at all levels. Chester Security Guards have also worked as Door Supervisors or Close Protection Operatives.

Why Compromise ? we believe in putting our clients and staff first. We stand by our word and make business decisions that other companies may be unable or unwilling to make. Our business model is built around this so clients notice we do things a bit differently.

Spartan 24 Hour Security provide quality rather than quantity, Chester Security Guards do the job to a very high standard. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide more than just a body, Chester Security Guards can look after themselves and keep your property, staff and clients safe and secure.

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