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Security Services Greater Manchester

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Security Services Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Security Services. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide a variety of security staff and services in the Greater Manchester area including:
  • Security Guards  
  • Door Supervisors 
  • Close Protection 
  • Security Drivers 
  • Motorcycle Escorts
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Keyholding
  • Event Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Residential Security
Spartan 24 Hour Security provide professional security services in the Greater Manchester area tailored to meet your needs. Security staff are fully insured, vetted, self defence and first aid trained. Greater Manchester security staff are hand picked and have a vast amount of security experience at all levels.

Why Compromise ? we believe in putting our clients and staff first. We stand by our word and make business decisions that other companies may be unable or unwilling to make. Our business model is built around this so clients notice we do things a bit differently. Greater Manchester security staff do the job to a very high standard, can look after themselves and keep your staff, clients, and property safe and secure. 

Spartan 24 Hour Security provide a professional security service which is second to none. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide more than just a body.

Spartan 24 Hour Security provide security services in the Greater Manchester area for:

Building Sites, Construction, Car Parks,Hotels,Hostels,Restaurants,Student Accommodation,Flat Complexes, Casinos, Sheltered Accommodation, Motorway Services, Factories, Industrial Estates, Vacant Properties, Offices, Office Complexes, Local Government Buildings, Solicitors, Estate Agents, Retail Parks, Retail Outlets, Shops, Shopping Centres, Car Showrooms, Retail Showrooms, Train Stations, Luxury Residences, Warehouses, Corporate Events, Landlord Properties, Law Courts, Libraries, Job Centres, Schools, Art Galleries, Stately Homes, Colleges, Hospitals, Airlines, Ships, TV/Film, Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Celebrity Protection, Asset Protection.    

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