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UK Close Protection

Posted by Derek Barnes on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 Under: Close Protection
UK Close Protection. Also known as Bodyguards, Close Protection Operatives are not only for the rich and famous. Spartan 24 Hour Security provides protection and and personalised security services to a variety of individuals and their families. Spartan has an extensive database of qualified, experienced and capable Close Protection Operatives who can be deployed at short notice on both a permanent and ad-hoc basis.

Spartan's Close Protection Operatives have all been assessed and certified by our Protector Assessment programme, which evaluates an officer's "real" ability across each field of expertise, within the Close Protection industry. This programme enables us to identify each Protectors strengths and specialised skills, allowing us to assign the right protector for each project to ensure that all requirements / tasks will be performed to the highest standard.

Close Protection Officers are available for the following services:

  • Personal Security detail
  • VIP & Celebrity Escort
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Families
  • Corporates & Executives

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