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What does Retail Security offer

Posted by Dave Morris on Saturday, March 9, 2019 Under: Retail Shop Security
As a business with a retail department, you may wonder if retail security is an expense that is worth it's weight in gold. So many companies don't bother with security and often find themselves wishing that they had paid the small amount of money to secure a guard on a daily basis to protect them.

In most instances the cost of hiring retail security can save you money in the long run. Someone shop lifting or a break in can leave you losing more money than the security services would have cost you in the first place.

Firstly you will find that you can take advantage of off-site monitoring. Off-site monitoring involves an alarm system which is linked to a reputable and local security company. In the event someone breaks into your retail shop or one of your staff push the panic button, a vehicle is immediately dispatched to provide you with the security services you need. The benefit to this is that you can go to bed each night with complete peace of mind that there is someone watching over your store, the disadvantage is that by the time the alarm sounds, the door, window or other access point has already been damaged or smashed.

CCTV cameras are a great deterrent when it comes to managing your retail store. Having working cameras in place, which are constantly recording not only makes burglars think twice but can also help you keep an eye on your staff to reduce the risk of them stealing from you. CCTV cameras can also help you identify suspects in the event you are broken into or a burglar attempts to break in. These days they offer high definition video and images which can be used by police to identify suspects and bring them to justice.

Having security patrols is probably one of the best deterrents you can have when it comes to retail security. Having an experienced, trained and licensed security guard in place at your store is the same as having a police officer standing in the middle of your store when someone has itching fingers and wants to shop lift an expensive item.

Shoplifting statistics show an increase on an annual basis across the United Kingdom. It doesn't matte whether the item is only worth a small amount or is expensive, for a retail store, every penny counts and you cannot afford to lose any stock that you have already paid for. This is your profits walking out of the door.

Having a security guard on guard at the door to your store is another way to show their presence and deter burglars. Having someone at the door ensures that only real buyers are allowed through the door to your store. They can check for knives and other dangerous items which could be used to rob staff at any store.

Remember that security personnel offering retail security are all experienced and have received extensive training. All security staff must be SIA licensed, which is a license that is carried with them at all times. The benefit of this is that it provides you with peace of mind while making customers thinking of stealing something have second thoughts as the risk of being caught is considerably increased.

You can avoid the risk of problematic customers having them escorted from the store before they cause chaos for other customers. In addition to this, when you have a sale or during busy periods, crowds will be managed effectively by the security team.

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