Spartan 24 Hour Security provide professional manned security services. Highly trained, fully insured, screened and vetted SIA licenced Security Guards and Door Supervisors for Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester. Also covering Merseyside, Cheshire and North West England. Operating 24 hours 365 days a year.

  • Security Guards and Door Supervisors are professional, mature and well groomed which provides a good corporate image for your company.
  • Friendly, courteous, efficient, helpful, reliable, highly motivated, customer focused and can deal with any situation.
  • We provide quality rather than quantity.
Spartan 24 Hour Security is committed to achieving excellence in customer service and provide a first class security service. Why compromise, security staff do the job to a high standard and provide a second to none security service. Our Security Guards and Door Supervisors can look after themselves and are self defence trained, keeping your staff, clients, and property safe and secure and are also first aid trained.

Safecontractor approved so have a high level of health and safety compliance to clients and potential clients. All of our Security Guards and Door Supervisors are fully SIA licenced and vetted to BS 7858 2012 vetting and screening standard, to ensure we employ only the most reliable and trustworthy individuals.

Spartan 24 Hour Security understand the importance of keeping your premises safe and secure at all times. Our manned guarding service is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients whilst being cost effective.
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Door Supervisors

The Door Supervisor is an important component of your venue security staff. Nightclub security or door supervisors have long been hired for their larger-than-life size and their physical intimidation factor. Owners hoped that by hiring huge body builders, they would reduce the number of incidents because people would be afraid to mess with them.

That theory is changing somewhat as more bars and clubs look for improved communication and problem-solving skills in security personnel. An  effective door supervisor can help you head off incidents before they become big problems. A good door supervisor has;

Effective communication skills

This idea may be new to some people who have been in the bar business for a while, but the ability to talk to customers, including those who are intoxicated or potentially violent, is the best first step in avoiding a fight or other incident.

A quick wit

It may seem strange, but having a sense of humour can help diffuse tense situations. Although you don’t want someone who is extremely sarcastic and will alienate patrons or cause a situation to escalate, someone with quick one-liners can often keep things on an even keel. 

The ability to make appropriate decisions

Throwing someone out of the bar is not always the answer. A good door supervisor needs to have other tools in his/her repertoire. Ask the potential door supervisor about how he/she handled difficult situations in the past. How has he/she resolved them? Does his solution match your philosophy? Also, ask him/her about a few scenarios to see how he would react.

Here are a few scenarios you can use as examples to get started:

  • A patron hands you a fake ID. What do you do?

  • A couple is engaged in a heated argument in the bar. What do you do?

  • A potential patron offers you money to get into the bar without waiting in the long line. What’s your reaction?

  • A patron may be using illegal drugs in your establishment. What do you do?

Physical presence

Presence doesn’t mean the door supervisor has to look like he spends 15 hours a day lifting weights and taking steroids. But the door supervisor should have a cool confidence that tells people, “I am in charge. Don’t mess with me because you won’t win.”

Don’t hire bullies or showoffs

Watch all new security staff members closely for a week. If you have complaints about them from customers, investigate the complaints immediately. If you have to replace them, replace them. Spartan 24 Hour Security only hire the best all rounders, who can give the client the very best security service. 
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