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Manchester Hospitality Security

June 17, 2022
Manchester Hospitality Security. At Spartan 24 Hour Security we provide high quality hospitality security services in Manchester. We work closely with hotels, restaurants and private member’s clubs to develop the optimum hospitality security solution in order to protect their employees, guests and property.

With over 20 years’ experience in the security industry, we understand that maintaining the safety of assets, staff and guests visiting your establishment is paramount to the success of your business. We ensure that we strike the right balance between the safety and protection of staff, visitors and premises on the one hand and discreet, friendly and welcoming service on the other hand.


Hospitality security works best when its presence is felt and seen without disturbing the ambience of your hotel or restaurant or interfering with the welcoming and leisurely environment offered to guests and visitors.

We achieve this balance with the following measures:

Manned Guarding – experienced, vetted and highly presentable security guards who place a strong emphasis on customer service will maintain the safety and protection of your staff, guests and property. We carefully select and provide in-house training for our personnel covering all elements of security from scenario based training to etiquette and customer service.

Highly presentable personnel –our Manchester hospitality security personnel are smartly dressed, well presented and well groomed. Our Manchester Hospitality security guards have a deep understanding of the subtleties and demands of working alongside an existing hotel or restaurant team and with guests and members of the public.

Friendly and courteous security team – our security team provides the highest quality of protection and security in a friendly and accommodating manner. Our security guards have prior customer service experience in a client facing environment and will seamlessly blend in with your business’ ethos and culture.

Blended approach to human and electronic security – we can provide 24/7 CCTV monitoring and surveillance.
Preventive security – once our hospitality security personnel and technological measures are in place, they act as a strong deterrent against break-ins and anti-social activities.

Fully licenced and insured – Our hospitality security Manchester guards are all SIA approved, ISO accredited, fully insured and subject to extensive background checks.

  • Luxury Hotels and hotel chains
  • Private member’s club
  • Restaurants
Our Manchester Hospitality Security Guards are fully vetted and trained to the highest of standards in physical defence and customer service. They can be equipped with surveillance tools such as CCTV, body worn cameras and two-way-radios which can act as additional  deterrents to prevent theft, anti-social behaviour and other security risks. 

Ellesmere Port Security Guards

April 19, 2022
Ellesmere Port Security Guards. In today's fast paced world where security is becoming a major concern, Ellesmere Port Security Guard Services have become very essential. It was earlier presumed that security was vital only for executives or privileged class of people but now it is a fact that even common man requires a minimum amount of security.

Importance of Ellesmere Port Security Guard Services

Our society is in dire need of Security Guard Services due to the alarming rate of theft and oth...

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Powers Of A Security Guard

March 3, 2022
What are my duties as a private security guard and what am I allowed to do?

In today’s litigious world, people are increasingly more aware of their rights. If you’re employed as a security guard, you can easily find yourself in a tricky situation when it comes to shoplifting. It pays to make sure you know just what can and cannot legally do in certain situations.

Security guards and shoplifters

Shops use all manner of different techniques to prevent shoplifting, and most of them act only as ...

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Stay Safe On Public Transport

January 24, 2022
Try to plan your route in advance. Free TFL and Citymapper apps are great for telling you everything you need to know about your journey. It can be necessary to look at your phone to track your journey, if you do this please take your phone out somewhere where it is harder for an opportunistic thief to take it. When planning your journey check the last train, tube and bus times.

Know your exits. When on any form of public transport, tube, train and bus, check where the nearest exits, fire exis...

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Commercial Property Security

January 10, 2022
Commercial Property Security North West. One of the most important factors when running a business or owning a property is to make sure that it is secure. If you haven’t taken the right steps to keep intruders out, you might be leaving your business open to an attack. Here are some steps you can take to improve the security of your North West premises.

Risk Assessment

First and foremost if you want to improve your security, you have to identify any weak points there may be in your business. ...

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Motorcycle Security Tips

November 15, 2021
Motorbikes are a target for thieves! Don't make it easy for them!

Motorbikes are very commonly not secured properly so they can be easy for thieves. By taking some appropriate precautions and using good quality security products, and using them well, should help you to keep your property safe.

Lock your bike *to* something! Use a Ground Anchor or equivalent!

This most important principle for motorcycle security is that it is critical to lock your bike to something solid whenever possible. Simply...

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Venue Security North West

May 28, 2021
Venue Security North West. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a public event, in possession of large crowds, must be in want of security detail. As unfortunate as it may be that certain members of our society at large can’t be trusted to respect the lives of their own fellow citizens, history has proven time and again that large public gatherings—-similar to the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England only a few short years ago—-are imminently attractive to the opportunis...

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Finding security jobs in Spain

March 15, 2021
Spain certainly has many opportunities to find security jobs because of the huge number of bars and clubs requiring security staff.

Door Supervisor Jobs (DS) – Bouncers & Door Men

If you are an English-speaking person looking for security work in Spain then becoming a door supervisor (DS) is the most popular way of finding work. A door supervisor used to be more commonly known as a bouncer or doorman.

A door supervisor is responsible for the safety of customers in venues such as bars, pubs and...

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Hotel Security Management UK

March 7, 2021
The Institute of Hotel Security Management was founded in 1987. Its membership comprises security management staff from large, five-star hotels across the UK. Those members meet regularly, sharing information on security issues with a view to preventing and deterring all forms of crime committed in hotels. 

“It’s not just Warrington hotels that are co-operating in the fight against crime,” . “There are similar organisations involved up-and-down the country. Hotel security managers in G...

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Car Showroom Security Warrington

March 5, 2021
Car Showroom Security Warrington. Your stock is your lifeblood, so some low-life half-inching it is never desirable. Alas, it’s probably a sad inevitability. So what’s the solution? Security. Problem is, with all manner of products and services out there to protect your site from thieving scum, where on earth do you start? 


But don’t fear. We’re going to show you how to secure your dealership from undesirables trying to nick your desirables. Sure, all cars have alarms. But dealer prem...

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Office Security Warrington

March 4, 2021
Office Security Warrington. Securing your office perimeter is a task of primary importance. Here are our top tips for tools to increase office security and for making sure your Warrington business premises and everything within them remain safe.

Keep important spaces and data under lock and key

This sounds like a no-brainer, but a remarkable number of office breaches occur during a brief period when employees would leave the premises unattended and unlocked. It’s a major security flaw, and it...

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Factory Security North West England

February 6, 2021
Factory Security North West England. Manufacturers who are better at connecting factory systems with enterprise networks undoubtedly create a more agile, efficient, flexible and profitable business, as exemplified in a recent case study we had with Daimler Truck North West England. The problem is that more connections also open the door to new security risks. Further, previous generations of industrial control systems were not conceived with security or IP connectivity in mind. The net effect...

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VIP Security Services

January 9, 2021
VIP Protection UK. Celebrities worldwide require special protection due to their raised profile making them keen targets for kidnappers and stalkers. They belong not only to the glamour and fashion world but also from the world of arts, sports, business and politics. Despite having the glamour and the money, these high profile people rarely have a normal social life. They are always surrounded by their body guards even on their personal vacations. They are always in danger of losing their liv...

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